Julianna has mastered the ideal fruit cake which is rich, moist and echos her West Indian heritage. The fruits for each cake are soaked in rum for at least 3 weeks before baking. Once the cake has been baked rum / brandy is poured onto the cake twice a week until the cake is ready to be decorated.
When ordering a fruit cake for a wedding or any special occasion it is recommended that at least 3 months notice is given to ensure that the cake has time to mature and also makes for a cleaner cut on the wedding day. 
It is now popular for wedding cakes to be made of different flavoured tiers to cater for the changing tastes of guests, they can also be used as a dessert.
 Above are some examples of cakes, if you would like to discuss your designs further you will need to either send an image of a cake that you like via email or phone to arrange a consultation.
Look at the price guide for wedding cakes, they can be used to assist in budgeting, additional decorations will be priced according to your requirements.
To discuss further contact via email, [email protected] or 07961104029
When ordering wedding cakes we would recommend at least 3 months notice, especially for a fruit cake because this allows for the cake to mature and improves the flavour of the cake. 

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