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Price List

Below is a price list for basic cakes, this means that the cake is covered in sugar paste and decorated with one or two colours. Additional work will be priced accordingly.
Chocolate, lemon, coconut and orange cakes are the same price as a maderia cake.
6 inch round
6 inch square
8 inch round
8 inch square
9 inch round
9 inch square
10 inch round
10 inch square
12 inch round
12 inch square
14 inch round
14 inch square
15 inch round
15 inch square

There is a big price differance from the 12 inch fruit cake to the 14 inch fruit cake due to the extra depth of the cake hence the increased amount of ingredients and cooking time.

Numbered, novelty, and individual mini cakes can also be made but are priced according to customers requirements. As a guide single numbers start from £35 for a sponge and £65 for double figures.
Shaped novelty cakes start from £75 depending on size.

Budget Wedding Cake prices.

 4 Tier
 3 Tier
 2 Tier
 £235 £170 £150
 £185 £145

Above are prices for budget wedding cakes. The two and three tier cake prices are based on the bottom cake being made from fruit and measuring 10 inches, the other layers are made from Maderia and measure 8, 6 inches.
The four tier cake has a base which measures 12 inches and is made from fruit while the other layers measure 10, 8 and 6 inches. The budget cakes are iced in either white or ivory and can include a ribbon if desired.

 45 35 25
Round 4030

At Luscious Cakes we are now introducing the opportunity to purchase un-iced fruit cakes which you can decorate yourself. These cakes are available in 8, 10 & 12 inches in both square and round. It is recommended that you give at least a weeks notice if you wish to purchase a pre-made cake.

Individual iced cakes start from £5.50 each for sponge and £7.50 for fruit, a minimum order of 9 cakes.
Photos can be added to your cake at an extra cost of £8.
If you have any other enquires please do not hesitate to call Julianna on 07961104029

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